What is Risalath or Prophethood ?

In islamic technology Risalat means the transmiting or reaching the commandments of Allah, to prophets.

What is Finality of Prophet-hood?

The Term "Finality of Prophet-hood means" the seal of prophet-hood. In other words the holly prophet (PBUH) was the final arbitter and authority in islam, and there will be no prophet after him.

Prove that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was the last Prophet:

Prophet (PBUH) was the last prophet and there will be no prophet after him. The holy Quran is the main source which confirms the finality of the prophethood.
  • Today i have perfected your religion for you , and have completed my bounty upon you.
  • In the holy Quran Khatam-un-Nabiyyn is used for the finality of Prophet. the holy Quran says: Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and last of the prophet.
  • There is also one hadith , which signifies the finality of the prophet hood: There will be no Prophet after me.
The Other Hadith is:
"The Prophet led the bani Israel and when any prophet died another Prophet succeeded him, but after me, there will be no other Prophet.
The other Hadith Says,
"After me there is no other Prophet and other Ummat."

there are some other arguments by which finality of prophet hood can be judged.
  1. If the teachings of previous Prophet became corrupted or died.
  2. If the teaching or departed Prophet were incomplete.
  3. If erlier Prophet was raised for a Particular nation and there is need of a Prophet for another country
None of the above conditions exist today so there is no need of Prophet after the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • The Holy Quran is in original form and there is no adulteration.
  • Islam is the complete code of Life.
  • The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was sent for whole universe.