The Institution of Public Service Commission, for the first time evolved under the Government of India Act, 1935. Subsequently, Federal Public Service Commission and Provincial Public Service Commissions established under Section 264 265 and 266 ibid of the Act. The Functions of the Commission were enumerated under Section 266 ibid. The Functions of the Federal/ Provincial Public Services Commission so established were further defined and specified under the (Limitation of Functions/ Regulations).These regulations were allowed to continue in the independence act 1947. Again in the Constitution of 1956 and 1962, the role of the Commission was defined with vast functions under Articles 188 and 186 respectively. On the promulgation of 1973 Constitution, the Commissions were to be established by the Act of Parliament / Assembly as provided under Article 242 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

The Act for establishment of NWFP Public Service Commission was accordingly passed by the Provincial Assembly in 1973. However, this act was subsequently repealed and replaced with the NWFP Public Service Commission Ordinance, 1978.

Rules & Regulations

1. Requisition shall be signed by the Administrative Secretary or the Additional Secretary of the Department in respect of posts in BPS-17 and above while posts in BPS-16 and below shall be singed by the Head of attached Department as accompanied by:

a. Zonal Allocation worked out strictly in accordance with the Zonal Allocation Formula notified by the S&GAD vide No. SORI(S&GAD)3-39/70 dated 03.02.1990 and zonal rotation cycle circulated by the Commission vide No. 3-89-DS/3241 dated 19.03.1990 or in accordance with the other instructions of the Government as issued from time to time.Printed or notified copy of the service rules relevant to the post to which recruitment is to be made, particular of academic qualification, experience, sex and age limit prescribed under the relevant rules
b. In case the rules have not been notified, the Commission shall examine the requisition in accordance with the draft rules as approved by the Rules Sub-Committee and the Commission.
c. Where service rules do not exist guidance may, if considered necessary, be obtained from the suggested rules of the department and if there is no such rules, the service rules existing for the similar post in the same department or another department or another provincial / federal government will be taken into consideration
d. Job description and job analysis of vacancies or any other instruction of the government issued from time to time shall also be accompany in the requisition
e. The requisitioning authority shall also provide Certificate to the following effect
f. That the requisition has been examined and is complete in all respects
g. That no other requisition has been sent to the Commission for this vacancy / these vacancies
h. that previous recommendation of the Commission for the similar post/s have been implemented and no recommendee remains to be appointed. (i) That according to the ratio fixed for initial recruitment and promotion in the service rules this vacancy / these vacancies fall to the share of the initial recruitment. (j) That this requisition includes all the available vacancies with the department either occupied by the adhoc / contract appointees or lying vacant due to new creation or retirement / promotion of official / officer etc

Merit List

Merit list shall be prepared keeping in view the aggregate marks secured by the various candidates.

When two or more than two candidates have secured equal marks in aggregate the candidate who has secured higher marks in the interview shall rank senior.

In case marks in the aggregate and also marks in the interview are the same, the candidate who is older in age shall rank senior to one who is younger.

In case above factors are the same, marks obtained in the final examination of the prescribed qualification for the post shall be the deciding factor.

In the case of competitive examinations, the merit list shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the syllabus of the respective subject.

The allocation / adjustment of the candidates shall be made strictly in accordance with the advertised zonal and merit quotas.

Selection Criteria

1. Subject to the requisitions Competitive Examinations shall normally be held once in a year in respect of the following posts:-
Extra Assistant Commissioners / Deputy Superintendent of Police / Section Officers / Excise and Taxation Officers (EAC/DSP/SO/ETOs).
2. Assistant Conservator of Forests.
3. Civil Judge-cum-Judicial Magistrate.
4. Naib Tehsildar.
5. Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police.
a. Minimum qualifying marks in each subject and aggregate shall be as laid down by the government.
b. In direct recruitment cases if disproportionate number of applications are received as against the number of available vacancies, the Commission will hold a screening test so as to bring the candidates to a manageable level of interview. The candidates will be required to appear in the said test which may include screening test in the relevant field or general knowledge and / or psychological (general ability) test for shortlisting of the candidates. Where no such test is held, shortlisting can also be made on the basis of such academic and / or professional record of the candidates as the Commission may decide to take into consideration.
c. The Commission will decide the nature of the screening test keeping in view the qualification and experience prescribed for the post. Admission letter will contain the detail in respect of date, time, centre and nature of the test alongwith other necessary instructions.
d. All candidates appearing for competitive examination will be allowed three chances for each individual examination while four chances will be allowed in combination of different competitive examinations.

Committee System

1. For the purpose of interview, the Commission may work in Committees / Panels as constituted by the Chairman.
2. The Committee shall normally be comprised of not less than two Members of the Commission. However, in emergency or extreme load of work the single Member Committee can also be constituted. In addition, as far as possible, two advisors i.e. one subject specialist and one departmental representative may assist the Committee during the interview for post in BPS-16 and above while for posts in BPS-11 to BPS-15 only departmental representative will be associated during the interviews, but where necessary, subject specialist may also be associated.
a. Candidates for the post in BPS-19 and above will normally be interviewed by the full Commission, which will comprise not less then three Members of the Commission including the Chairman.
b. In case where a Departmental Representative or Subject Specialist is absent, the Commission will proceed with the available assistance of Advisor. c. The absence of any one of the Advisors will not vitiate the proceedings of the interviewing board.