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Thread: Idioms : for css examination

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    Idioms : for css examination

    List of Idioms asked in CSS examination
    • A bird in hand: (An actual possession) a bird in hand is worth in the bush.
    • A bird of passage: (A person who shifts from place to place)

    Nobody in the China Town of New York has any fixed abode or occupation. Everyone is a bird of passage.
    • A bolt from the blue: (A disaster that comes suddenly) Samís death came to us as a bolt from the blue.
    • A case in point: (an apt illustration) Individuals as well as nations do not practice what they profess or teach. Indiaís policy in the Kashmir dispute is a case in point.
    • A crying shame: (Something notoriously shameful) the way he treats his innocent wife is a crying shame.
    • A curtain Lecture: (A wifeís reproof to her husband in private) a curtain lecture is more effective than all the sermons in the world for teaching a man the virtues of meekness and patience.
    • A dead letter: (No longer in force) The Martial law Courts is already a dead letter.
    • A fair weather friend: (A selfish friend) a fair weather friend will forsake us in adversity.
    • A far cry: (Far off) Achievement is a far cry from ambition.
    • A feather in oneís cap: (Something to be proud of) an electoral victory is a feather in the cap of a politician.
    • A hung Ė dog look: (A woe-begone expression on the face) Owing to economic worries constantly preying upon their minds, some of youth wear a hand dog look on their faces.
    • A Jack Ė in office: (A person who presumes on his official position to be pert or rude) our new principle is a Jack Ė in office, that is why he is hated by all the members of the teaching staff.
    • A leap in the dark: (Without knowing the results) the career of young person is usually a leap in the dark.
    • A moot point: (A point open to discussion) who is more powerful, America or Russia Ė is a moot point.
    • A quixotic project: (Unpractical and visionary scheme) such a quixotic project cannot materialize which is not supported by the people.
    • A royal road: (An easy way to achieve an end) there is no royal road to success in life. One must work diligently and perseveringly to achieve it.
    • A show down: (An encounter) perhaps it is on account of her being better equipped with atomic weapons, U.S.A is always prepared for a show down with Russia.
    • A square deal: (To bargain a transaction characterized by fairness and honestly/any negotiation conducted in accordance with ordinary justice) whatever others might say, I cannot say, I cannot call it a square deal.
    • A square peg in a round hold: (A person out of his element) though his brotherís influence got him the principal ship, it soon became evident that he was a square peg in a round hole.
    • A turn-coat: (A person who changes his opinions) I donít believe in what she says about religion. She is a regular turn-coat.
    • Above board: (Fair and square) politicians are seldom above board.
    • All and sundry: (Individually and collectively) the families participate in the marriage all and sundry.
    • All in all: (Complete master) a dictator is all in all in the country.
    • All loveís labour lost: (All good work coming to nothingness) never say all loveís labour is lost, because loveís labour certainly rewards at length.
    • Almighty Dollar: (Power of American money) almighty Dollar is controlling the world.
    • An itching palm: (An avaricious disposition; a tendency to accept illegal gratification) some our officials have an itching palm and freely accept illegal gratification from the public.
    • Angel of death: (cause of death) war comes as an angel of death to millions.
    • Apple-pie: (In perfect order) the principal made his presence felt and soon everything in the college was in apple-pie order.
    • As blind as a bat: (Unable to see) without his glasses, he is as blind as a bat.
    • At sixes and sevens: (In disorder) returning to my room, I found that all my things was at sixes and sevens.

    • Back stairs influence: (Secret, improper influence) as the charges level against him could not be answered, his father, who is big gun, got them quashed through back stairs influence.
    • Bad blood: (Anger) there has always been bad blood between these two families-they are deadly enemies.
    • Balanced personality: (A perfect person from all angles) Quaid-i-Azam was a balanced personality.
    • Benefit of doubt: (Advantage of guilt not having been fully proved) lot of criminals get released because of the benefit of doubt.
    • Black sheep: (An evil mannered or disreputable member of family or society) you must not blame him alone; there are many black sheep besides him.
    • Blood is thicker than water: (In the emergency you can depend on relatives rather than on friends; there is a greater sympathy for a relative than for a mere friend) you must help you relatives because blood is thicker than water.
    • Blue blood: (Aristocratic origin) he has no blue blood in his veins.
    • Breast to breast: (side by side) the soldiers marched breast to breast.
    • By and by: (Before long after a short while) you may leave if you like; I will follow you by and by.
    • By hook or by crook: (By foul or fair means) people make money by hook or by crook.

    • Castles in the air: (Imaginary schemes) young men are given to building castles in the air for dreaming is the privilege of youth.
    • Catís paw: (Another personís tool) small nations have become catís paw for super power.
    • Chip off the old block: (Having qualities of the father) Henry Fordís son was a chip off the old block.
    • Cold comfort: (Comfort which pains and irritates rather than consoles) it is cold comfort to him to know that he has won a small bet after losing a good deal of money.
    • Creature Comfort: (Food, clothing etc) even the most pious saints cannot do without creature comfort.
    • D
    • D-Day: (Day of decision) we must think carefully before D-Day for marriage arrives.
    • Dog in the manager: (To prevent other from having what you cannot use yourself) it is ungentlemanly to adopt dog in the manager policy. We should not be jealous of others.
    • F
    • Fast living: (Luxurious living) He dissipated his energies due to fast living and was at last reduced to physical and mental bankruptcy.
    • Flesh and Blood: (Human nature) it is the height of insolence more than flesh and blood can stand.
    • Flog a dead horse: (To try to arouse to energy) it is useless to flog a dead horse; he will never yield to your demands.
    • Fourth Estate: (The press) in a democracy, the fourth estate is a power to be reckoned.
    • From a scratch: (From a very humble beginning) Pakistan which now occupies an honorable position in the comity of nations started from a scratch in 1947.
    • From A to Z: (Everything, Total) He has studies the book from A to Z.
    • G
    • Gala day: (Happy holiday) we had a gala day at the First Conference of the Muslim Women Parliamentarians.
    • Gift of the gab: (Fluency of speech used in a slightly contemptuous sense) it has been observed that those who possess the gift of the gab often lack the power of action.
    • Give the devil his due: (Give everybody his right, however, wicked he may be) we admit that an evil genius but we must give the devil his due by acknowledging his services to the nation.
    • H
    • Hand and glove or hand in: (To be intimately connected with each other) donít trust those two; they are hand and glove together.
    • Hard and fast: (Precise; definite) There are no hard-and fast rules for writing an essay.
    • Herculean Task: (A very difficult task, which requires an extraordinary strong man like Hercules for its accomplishment) the Muslim World is still waiting for a man who will accomplish the Herculean task of freeing it from the economic and political domination the west.
    • Highlights: (Conspicuous parts) to-dayís newspaper has given the highlights of this yearís budget.
    • Hoist with his own petard: (Destroyed by his own machinations, framed for the destruction of others) it is a good fun to see a mischief-monger hoist with his own petard caught in his own mouse-trap.
    • Honey is not for the assís mouth: (Gentle words are wasted on unreasoning anger) you will never be able to impress him with you gentle manners as honey is not for the assís mouth.
    • Hope against hope: (To be hopeful when all hope is lost we hope against hope that the patient will recover.


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